Letter to the Editor November 8, 2017

To the Editor,
With our many lakes, wetlands, woods, prairies, agriculture and rolling hills, Wright County has unmatched natural beauty and environmental diversity that is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. On November 15th, our Wright County Commissioners are being asked to consider a zoning change request from Florida-based Advanced Disposal that would allow agricultural land to be turned industrial. The resulting landfill would negatively impact some of our natural beauty and add unnecessary risk of pollutants, odors and noise in this rural, residential and agricultural zoned area. There are many reasons why we should all encourage our County Commissioners to deny this zoning change request. If granted the industrial landfill will: allow ADS to get a foot in the door to expand and add municipal waste, negatively impact its neighbors, result in decreased property values and potentially impact future generations who must clean up their mess. In addition, approving the request DOES NOT align with Wright County’s Northeast Quadrant Land Use Plan, which covers the area where the landfill is being proposed.
As stated in the plan, “Wright County’s Northeast Quadrant (NEQ) Land Use Plan is a vision of what the NEQ wants to be. It is also a framework for shaping future growth and change, for protecting what residents value, and for enhancing what residents want to improve.” This zoning change goes against the vision and what residents value. We, along with most other Wright County residents, “have placed a high value on open space and natural areas and these lands need to be protected.” Allowing rezoning to industrial goes against what Wright County residents value.
Finally, directly from the NEQ Land Use Plan is “MAJOR GOAL 3: To protect agricultural lands from encroachment by incompatible land uses.” We can’t think of a more incompatible use than a landfill that can contaminate soil, air and water of the nearby residential and agricultural land potentially rendering it useless as farmland and undesirable for anyone to live.
By November 15th, please call or email your County Commissioner and ask them to vote to deny approval of this Agricultural to Industrial Zoning change request by ADS.
Thank you for taking time to keep Wright County a great place to live.
Wright County Commissioners:
Charles Borrel 763-682-7685 charles.borrel@co.wright.us
Mark Daleiden 763-682-7686 mark.daleiden@co.wright.us
Michael Potter 763-682-7696 michael.potter@co.wright.us
Darek Vetsch 763-682-7687 darek.vetsch@co.wright.us
Christine Husom 763-682-7697 christine.husom@co.wright.us
Christine and Noah Youngs

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