Emmer visits Maple Lake to talk shop

hosts were happy with the turn-out to talk with Rep. Tom Emmer last week. Besides addressing the political issues, guests were treated to beverages and food as part of the event.

about 50 people attended a Shop Talk with Emmer (R-Mn 6th District) event Saturday, Oct. 28, at Rivers Garage Collector Car and Tractor Museum in Maple Lake. After some one-on-one time with the Representative, guests had the chance to hear Emmer speak. Some of the issues addressed were the Af-fordable Care Act and immigration. Emmer decried the squabbles happening within the parties and spoke on his desire to promote the trade schools in public education. The event was put on by John and Jean Rivers and Larry and Loretta Schut as a fundraiser for Emmer's campaign for Congress. Pictured, from left, are Larry and Loretta Schut, Tom Emmer, John and Jean Rivers. (Photos by John Rivers)
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