Letter to the Editor: April 16, 2014


To the Editor:
A short letter about your article on the closing of the Cozy Wash laundromat...
Has the writer of this article ever used the Cozy Wash???
That place was a disgrace to Maple Lake ... one look and you could tell the owners did not care about it or their customers..
Wash machines sat broken with mouldy water in them for over a year, the floors were never swept, soap machines were always empty.
In a period of a month and a half, the beginning of this year, we lost $18 in machines that would stop taking quarters halfway through depositing them and then would not return the ones that were deposited, in dryers that would not heat because the lint traps in the back were never cleaned and in the soap machine that would take quarters and not give you any soap..
A reputable establishment would have had a sign posted as to who to call in these situations to get a refund, no sign was ever posted..
So they can keep their woe is us story. They didn't care about their business and they didn't care about their customers, an empty building is better than that filthy, poor excuse of a business.
And how about a contact number?? Maybe those of us who have lost our hard-earned money in their broken-down machines can get a refund..
In addition, shame on them if they are planning on selling those machines as working machines to unsuspecting people online. They are good for nothing more than scrap value..
Connie Kieper
Maple Lake
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